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An Old Colt Cobra

An old colt cobra

(Published in the 2019 spring/summer issue of “The Moonshine Review”)             From an early age, Bronco obsessed over the Kennedy assassination. He found himself in juvie on November 22, 1963, just starting his life of crime. Though old now, he still reviewed footage of the assassination before each job. He watched the event over and…

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Detroit 1967

CBS News Special Report: We interrupt the Detroit Tigers baseball game to bring you this news bulletin. The news rarely interrupted TV programs, and when it did, something bad had happened. That’s how he’d learned of the Cuban Missile Crisis; the sinking of the Navy submarine Thresher; the construction of the Berlin Wall; the murder of…

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Everybody Loves the Foodman

everyone loves the foodman by olaf kroneman

I feed the starving. I feed the dying. I’m no Mother Teresa, but the act of feeding the unfortunates who can’t eat appeals to me. How could you not like the person who feeds you? You don’t bite the hand. I feed people, patients, whose stomachs are diseased or destroyed; destroyed by rare diseases, infections,…

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The Luftwaffe Pilot

the luftwaffe pilot by olaf kroneman

He did not want to have a Jewish doctor, so Mr. Karl Dieter became my patient. I was not excited to be the only doctor he would see. I wanted no part of anti-Semitism. He was one of sixteen people getting treatments on a kidney dialysis machine. I went toward his chair, but stopped short. He…

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Medicine’s First Responders: The Unselfish Dedication of Nurses

Medicine’s First Responders: The Unselfish Dedication of Nurses by olaf kroneman

In the interest of patient care the Massachusetts Nurses Association seeks legislation to put a limit on the number of patients assigned to an individual nurse. They request one nurse to care for four patients in the non-ICU setting and a one to one ratio in the ICU. A recent editorial in The Wall Street…

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The Nurse Killer

It’s called a stump. Dr. Balinger never thought it was a very delicate term, but it is what it is. It’s a stump. The man’s amputated leg was bandaged below the knee. Dr. Charles Balinger removed the gauze from the wound. It was healing. He will do well he thought. It was the best solution…

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Since You’re Going To Die Anyway

You know, Doctor that every year I look forward to your Christmas card. It’s always the first to arrive. I wait for it. It starts the season. It’s not politically correct, it’s always something religious. But then you and your brother are really into religion.  That’s why you forgave them. I’m better now, but not…

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The Dive

I don’t want to brag, pride comes before the fall, but I’m very important. The CEO makes eight million a year. I make thirty- four G’s with no retirement plan and shitty health insurance. But without me, the hospital would crumble. I’m in charge of environmental services for the operating rooms. I make sure the…

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A Battlefield Decision

The black spot on my arm looked different. I tried to ignore it but it was impossible. I rubbed it, it was elevated, and the color was not uniform: danger signs. Projections spiraled from the body of the lesion. It bled. It would have to be removed. I looked in the directory for a dermatologist…

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