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Background Checks In the summer, after my first year of medical school, I was a research assistant in a physiology lab. Anesthetized dogs were used to study the circulation in animals experimentally exposed to shock. The dogs were euthanized after the operations. I was conflicted but was told that the dogs used in the studies…

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Great Quote

“Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” James Baldwin

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In Sickness and In Health


Green Hills Literary Lantern A conference call: “I can’t believe he’s gonna marry the little witch,” Max said. “Witch?” Jennifer asked. “Don’t you mean bitch?” “I hate that word,” Max said. “A woman should never use it, no one should ever use it.” “There are worse things you can be called,” Tiffany said. “The new one…

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Detroit Heroic (TM)

My novel Detroit Heroic is going through its final edits. It won’t be long. You can read the first chapter HERE.

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Little Big Crimes The best mystery story I read this week…

“Milquetoast,” by Olaf Kroneman, in The Strand Magazine, October 2018/January 2019. Chances are you have met someone a bit like Colin Anderson. Chances are you didn’t enjoy it much. He’s the kind of middle-aged guy who invites you to dinner and makes you look at pictures of his championship college lacrosse team. Oh joy. Colin…

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Everybody Likes A Fat Man

My story of weight loss can be found as part of a short story collection in Conclave 2018 “The Trickster’s Song” It can be purchased on Amazon.

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