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           Dr. Matt Drummond is overwhelmed by police brutality and the racial suffering of men, women and children. Then the 1967 Detroit riot. Matt is as burned out as the city.   Forty-three civilians are dead.
           Obsessed with helping the victims he comes in conflict with the drug traffickers, numbers runners, rogue police, criminal abortionists and pimps. “The dealers of pain” frame him for an illegal abortion death.
           Dr. Drummond is pursued by Detroit homicide and the criminals who need him dead.
           An eclectic band of the street-wise: prostitutes, Black Panthers, Baptist ministers and professional fighters come together in a dangerous, desperate, long -shot attempt to save him.

This Month's Featured Story

This summer I read Adam Makos, "A Higher Call." It is a non-fiction account of German Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler. Stigler overtakes a badly shot up B-17 bomber and rather than shoot down the American plane he escorts it out of harm's way and back to their base.
It is a heart-lifting story of humanity emerging during a brutal World War.
It brought back a narrative told to me by a German fighter pilot and inspired my story, "The Luftwaffe Pilot."

The Luftwaffe Pilot

the luftwaffe pilot by olaf kroneman

He did not want to have a Jewish doctor, so Mr. Karl Dieter became my patient. I was not excited to be the only doctor he would see. I wanted no part of anti-Semitism. He was one of sixteen people getting treatments on a kidney dialysis machine. I went toward his chair, but stopped short. He…

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I tell stories of mystery and suspense; it’s fun. I draw on my long career in the practice of medicine. I have been inspired by people and events, and occasionally disturbed.

I like to tell a good story but would also like to expose the reader to a pernicious and perhaps unalterable change in healthcare. That is the domination of the doctor-patient relationship by computers and bureaucrats.

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