Bad Blood

I had to give my supervising resident, Dr. Robin Richards, the bad news. This was no way to meet him. I picked up the phone, paged him, and waited. The more experienced and confident the resident, the longer you could expect to have a call returned. The phone rang and I answered it. “Don’t ever…

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My doomed internship was at a very famous place. I must have had shortcomings.  Could this world famous place be wrong and I am right? Unlikely. I mean this place was really famous, a historic, venerable institution. At my exit interview the chairman of the department of medicine said he was very disappointed in me.…

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A World Famous Place

I want to be a good doctor. But I don’t want to bend, fold, spindle or mutilate anybody in the learning process. I’m nervous. I tell myself the transition will be gradual. A world-famous place like this can’t allow the mistakes of an inexperienced intern. I’ll probably have too much supervision and my training will…

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