The Flatstick

the flatstick

I SAT IN DR. MCGUIRE’S OFFICE and noticed pictures of his family. An attractive wife, four smiling children, and two dogs. His diplomas and academic achievements were prominently displayed. You couldn’t miss them. There was a picture of him being blessed by the pope. You couldn’t miss that either. For me, it was a source…

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Your heroes can compromise you. Muhammad Ali put me at risk. The first time I encountered Ali, then Cassius Clay, was on television. I was ten years old and saw this young black guy dressed in a tuxedo and top hat, brandishing a walking stick and reciting poetry. He was scheduled to fight Henry Cooper in England.…

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The Romantic by Olaf Kroneman

He humiliated me over and over. But I took it. I made mental, emotional excuses. I loved him. The abused will do that. Don’t ask me why. He insisted we take pictures. I did not want to take the shameful, salacious videos, but you know how when you can sense the end of a relationship…

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Cuddle the Schizophrenic But Fear the Bi-Polar

            1967-“The Summer of Love.” It was a great time to be in San Francisco and Haight –Ashbury, smoking pot and dropping acid. But not an ideal time to be a first year medical student in an inner city Detroit hospital.             Location, location, location.             For five days in July 1967 Detroit burned. Forty-…

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An Old Colt Cobra

An old colt cobra

(Published in the 2019 spring/summer issue of “The Moonshine Review”)             From an early age, Bronco obsessed over the Kennedy assassination. He found himself in juvie on November 22, 1963, just starting his life of crime. Though old now, he still reviewed footage of the assassination before each job. He watched the event over and…

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Since You’re Going To Die Anyway

You know, Doctor that every year I look forward to your Christmas card. It’s always the first to arrive. I wait for it. It starts the season. It’s not politically correct, it’s always something religious. But then you and your brother are really into religion. That’s why you forgave them. I’m better now, but not…

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