Recently it was reported by  Newsweek that Dr. Fauci supported research at the Wuhan lab, the purported source of the virus. The experimental work engineered and manipulated the bat virus so it could infect humans. It is right out of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, except much more deadly.

          The Frankenstein monster was a one trick pony.

          Fauci’s experiments were called gain of function research to study how bat coronavirus could be engineered to mutate and infect humans, ostensibly to develop therapeutics that would neutralize the virus in the event of a pandemic. This research was thought by many prominent virologists to be too dangerous for if the virus escaped from the lab a pandemic could result.

          The investigators circulated the virus through ferrets in the hopes that it would mutate to infect humans and could be further studied ostensibly to make therapeutics, and a vaccine. The virus was introduced from bats to intermediary mammals, the ferrets, and the expectation was that the virus would mutate to infect humans. The research was not original. This was how the virus of the 1918 pandemic developed but it developed naturally in the wild not in a leaky Wuhan lab.

          Sounds absurd but that’s how I understand it.

          Denmark has or had a huge mink fur industry. It provided an income to the country of almost a billion dollars per year and was the third largest source of export income.

          The virus thrived in these mammals and some had the potential to become resistant to vaccines.  Several farmers became infected from the minks. The potential dangers were recognized by the Danish government who ordered the euthanation of seventeen million minks in an attempt to control a potential spread of the virus.

           One can’t be sure but COVID-19 was most likely not the result of the Wuhan research but really, how many o’s in stupid? You don’t let a little kid play with matches.

          Common sense was not that common.

          Dr. Fauci did not respond to Newsweek.

          What if the pandemic could be directly traced to this foolish research? In my mind’s eye I see Frankenstien’s neighbors, the villagers, torches in hand, storming the castle.

          I’ve always felt sympathetic towards the Boris Karloff monster, not so with COVID-19. There’s nothing to like about it.

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